News #4

On the 11th of September a presentation of the high-tech RoBird device was held at Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan. Its purpose is to imitate behavior of a falcon in order to prevent a serious threat to aviation: collision of an airplane with a bird or a whole flock.

Qazaqstan Unmanned Aviation System in partnership with CFS (Netherlands), demonstrated operation of the device to the airport representatives, aviation security services and aviation inspectors. “Robird patrols the sky around the airport. Robird does not actually kill prey. Its task is to warn birds of a predator presence, draw them away from the airport and teach them to settle in less dangerous areas” - said the developer Jan van Eykel.

The stated results show a decrease in the concentration of birds in the protected area to 95%, depending on the season and species of birds. As a safety measure, Robird is equipped with a GPS system to limit the flight area to prevent the runway from crossing. The flight duration of the device is 15 minutes, with a height of up to 10 thousand feet.

According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), 90% of all bird accidents occur during flights in the area of aerodromes at altitudes up to 1000 meters. Improving flight safety is the fundamental strategic goal of ICAO, to provide control and supervision in such a serious area as flight safety is the main activity of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan.

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