ААК continues working to take appropriate action to minimize the impact of the pandemic and prepare for the recovery of the civil aviation industry

Today, Aviation Administration has held the second webinar for industry entities on measures to restore the operation of airports in Kazakhstan. The webinar was attended by 176 representatives of airports. Actions in aviation security during the period of restrictive measures, in particular, the temporary extension of permits, as well as the gradual transition of airports to standard operations have been considered. The validity period was extended to 90 days: certificates on the organization of inspection by the aviation security service of the airport; certificates on admission to work of aviation security specialists; identity cards of crew members. The renewal procedure is performed via a special email address avsec@caakz.com.
Airport managers were given specific recommendations on working at checkpoints, screening passengers and staff, and the availability of personal protective equipment for the aviation security service.
Measures to comply with “Physical Distance” at airports were discussed, taking into account international practices and recommendations of international organizations. It is recommended to create a social distance in the passenger terminal: stickers on passenger seats, restrictive floor strips, etc.
It is also requested to limit the number of people in the passenger terminal (passengers only), consider allocating slots to avoid congestion during rush hours, start check-in on domestic flights 2 hours before, on international flights 3.5 hours before departure time, and close check-in 50 minutes before departure time.
An enhanced disinfection mode has been introduced in all airports of Kazakhstan, and the frequency of cleaning and disinfection of waiting rooms, toilet rooms, handles, buttons, and handrails has been increased.
In general, reopening the airports will depend on the decision of the State Commission, which will be based on the decision of the Chief Medical Officer.

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