Airport medical staff have been trained

The Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan held a webinar for medical points of airports and airfields on the organization of the work of medical points and medical support for flight safety at the airport.
The questions of the requirements for the name of medical centers, the location of offices in the airport building, the requirements for states to fulfill the goals and objectives for medical centers are revealed at the training webinar. The issue of licensing medical activities was considered in detail.
Bringing the work of medical centers in accordance with the requirements of the Regulations will improve the medical safety of flights, ensure timely provision of medical assistance to victims during emergency rescue operations, and eliminate the risk of nosocomial infections.
Participants of the webinar will be given appropriate certificates, which will be taken into account when certifying specialists.
Currently, there are 29 medical points at the airports and airfields of Kazakhstan, including 9 on a lease basis for pre-shift, post-shift, pre-flight medical examinations.
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