Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan launches digital regulator “Sunflower”

Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan is creating a digital regulation system for aviation industry. Digital regulation allows for better management of issues requiring regular oversight, using big data techniques to quickly verify information, speed up approvals and stop actions that are illegal or designed to deceive.

This is a fundamentally new approach to ensuring the flights safety in the country in compliance with the best international practices of industry regulation. This approach is being introduced in the Republic of Kazakhstan for the first time.

An industry led international team working together across multiple disciplines to deliver a digital regulator for Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan based on international best practices, risk management and operational data.

Sunflower Mission Statement is to create a allows searching and analysing of flight data addressing to requests for the location of the aircraft, the flight task and the definition of the flight customer.

The collaboration between the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan, BusinessOptix, and gluoNNet pursued an approach that simultaneously explored the possibilities within the data at the same time as investigating what the dataset was revealing. gluoNNet facilitated the software development of the Sunflower project, creating an innovative aircraft tracking-application. The integrated data-analysis technology is based on the latest insights from large-scale research, which allows the processing and contextual analysis of vast amounts of data.

 To date, Digital Twin on the BusinessOptix platform has been implemented for a variety of business tasks, which includes the rollout of a full Enterprise Risk and Performance database of Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan.

Processed satellite (ADS-B) location data for April 2019 provided 91 thousand unique aircraft in one month, 37 thousand in one day, a total of 4 billion data in approximately 0.5 terabytes. Satellite aircraft tracking data emitted every 8s. Data structured to facilitate fastest processing of predicted areas of interest.

An interactive and interlinked “Sunflower” dataset provides pre-defined sets of graphs and views that document and allow analysis of a specific incident or data type.

In 2020, the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan received evidence-based responses to direct enquiries with supporting the United Nations to determine the Arms to Libya by airlines, and to establish Bek Air illegal flights to Africa.

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