Minimal content of the Program for issuing a permit to an external pilot


The procedure for recording UAVs is regulated by Chapter 4 of the Rules of the state registration of civil aircraft of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the rights to them approved by the Order of Minister for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated June 30, 2017 No. 409.

For UAV recording a registration request is provided with the following documents attached:

1) a copy of the founding document (for foreign legal entities) or identity document (for foreign individuals);

2) a copy of the Sales agreement or other document confirming the right of ownership, or a court decision;

3) a copy of the Rent agreement, leasing, property hire agreement, other document confirming the right to use UAVs;

4) a copy of the manufacturer's document describing the characteristics of the unmanned aircraft system (maximum take-off weight, maximum speed, maximum flying height, maximum flight time, channel control, flight range, control range);

5) type and serial (factory) number of UAV, engine number (if exists number/if there exists to engine number) and station number of external pilot (if exists) (passport);

6) a copy of a type certificate or other document confirming compliance with the standards of the state of the UAV developer or manufacturer;

7) contrasting and clear photography of UAV, control station (if exists) and serial number;

8) certificate of UAV exclusion (if UAV was registered in a foreign state) from the registry of a foreign state;

9) confirmation of applicant in free written form about absence of military and bug on UAV.

Documents with a cover letter should be sent for registration to the electronic address frontoffice@caakz.com or to the address of Nur-Sultan city, Mangilik Yel ave. 55/15, Block C 2.3.

AAK accepts the application by providing the Applicant's identity document.

When submitting an application by e-mail (frontoffice@caakz.com), the signed application (PDF format) is certified by the EDS (individual or legal entity) through the signature and verification service of electronic documents (https://ezsigner.kz/#!/main).

The application in docx.cms format is sent to the authorized organization.

If you have questions about UAV accounting, contact the Aircraft Registry Unit by the e-mail address ac.registry@caakz.com


Agreed Programs for issuing a permit to an external pilot


1. «Civil aviation association» Contacts: https://edu.civilaviation.kz e-mail: edu@civilaviation.kz
2. «AT&T» LLP Contacts: https://uav.att.aero/ email:  siteadmin@uav.att.aero