Employees of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan took part in the webinar of the Interstate Aviation Committee “Aircraft de-icing treatment”

As part of the implementation of the regional ICAO-IAC Project RER / 01/901 "Improving operational safety and maintaining airworthiness", on September 29 the Interstate Aviation Committee hosted a webinar "Aircraft de-icing."
The event was attended by about 100 representatives of aviation administrations, leading airlines and airports of the Republic of Armenia, the Republic of Belarus, the Kyrgyz Republic, the Republic of Kazakhstan , the Russian Federation, the Republic of Tajikistan, specialists of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC).
As part of the exchange of experience on the implementation of the Methodological Recommendations "Protection of Aircraft from Ground Icing", prepared by the IAC, reports were presented by leading specialists in ground handling services for airports and airlines. The Director of the Flight Operations Department of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan Igor Petyashin has spoken with a report "Ensuring and quality control of aircraft anti-icing protection at airports".
In the webinar, the specialists of the Interstate Aviation Committee presented an analysis of flight safety in the region of the States parties to the Agreement.
Also during the seminar, special attention was paid to the following topics: Requirements of the aircraft manufacturer (Airbus) to the quality of aircraft de-icing;
New types of fluids for aircraft de-icing; Features of modern aircraft processing; The role and responsibility of the crew during aircraft handling; Training and qualification of ground aviation personnel; Protection of aircraft from ground icing; Features of processing ice formations on composite materials and aluminum alloys; Environmental problems associated with the disposal of anti-icing fluid.

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