Experts provided recommendations to airports in Kazakhstan to reduce the risk of birdstrikes

By the recommendations of the ICAO, a Coordinating Coordination Council on Bird and Wildlife Problems was established at the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan in September 2020. The council includes representatives of airports and airlines in Kazakhstan, as well as Kazaeronavigatsia RSE. The main point is to make recommendations for eliminating hazardous conditions that attract animals and birds to airfields and their surroundings.
At the initiative of Air Astana, international experts from European states and governmental regulation in the field of wildlife control at airports were invited as part of the Coordinating Council's work.
From October 19 to 23, 2021, the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan JSC, together with Air Astana, organized the visit of foreign specialists to Almaty and Shymkent airports to evaluate the ornithological support of flights.
The assessment resulted in a workshop for Kazakhstan airports and Air Astana, Scat. During the workshop, foreign experts provided recommendations to airports and other parties involved to reduce the risks of bird collisions by applying effective wildlife control measures at airports. The experts presented their vision on wildlife risk management, implementation of wildlife control, documentation process and data analysis by the stakeholders.



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