February 1 is the Day of honoring the Aviation Security Service of Kazakhstan

The Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan on February 1, 2021, at 15:00, with the active participation of airports, airlines and the “Kazaeronavigatsia” RSE, is holding a commemorative event online via videoconferencing,of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the Civil Aviation Security Service and Honor Day of theAviation Security Services of aviation organizations of Kazakhstan.
According to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards in terms of flight safety, Kazakhstan ranks II among the CIS countries with an indicator of 74%, the level of airport security is 83%. Progress in comparison with the audit in 2009 was 21%, which is 11% higher than the world average of aviation security (72%).
Considering the significant progress and progress achieved in organizing aviation security, Kazakhstan was noted with a high award by the ICAO Council. The Civil Aviation Committee of the MIID RK carried out considerable work in recent years to obtain this aviation security development recognition. .
It is the improvement of legislation and the timely implementation of ICAO standards and recommended practices in aviation security. The “National Aviation Security Program” has been developed and approved by the Government Decree, which includes all the latest ICAO standards in the field of aviation security. For the period 2018-2019, 3 Decrees of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and 8 Orders of the Minister of Industry and Infrastructural development of Republic of Kazakhstan on Aviation Security were revised and amended.
The Aviation Security Service, protecting civil aviation from acts of unlawful interference, is a cohesive structure of more than 2,500 professionals and is the largest of all divisions.
The meeting will summarize the results of aviation security over the past year, hear reports from airports and airlines, and announce the work plans of the aviation security department of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan for 2021.
Based on the results of the activity, the distinguished employees of the aviation security services of the civil aviation industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan will be awarded in the following nominations and awards:
– “Honoured Worker of the Aviation Security Service”;
– “Veteran of the Aviation Security Service”;
– “For high professionalism and results”;
– “Letter of appreciation ” from the leadership of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan.
Such an event is being held for the first time and will be held annually.

On February 1, 1991, the Aviation Security Service (ASS) was formed for the first time in the country by the commander of the Almaty aviation detachment of the Kazakh SSR at the Almaty airport. On the eve of the 30th anniversary of the foundation of the first Aviation Security Service and by the participants of the Republican Meeting on Aviation Security dated December 24, 2019, toreward and recognize the significance of the ASS activity, by Order of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan JSC, on February 1 of each calendar was established as the Day to HonorVeterans and Active Employees of Aviation Security Services.

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