Flight Safety in Autumn and Winter Seasons


The autumn and winter seasons in Kazakhstan are marked by a sharp air temperature drop, precipitation in the form of rain, snow and the formation of frost. Ice, snow or frost deposits on the wing surfaces may significantly impair the airworthiness of the aircraft due to de-crease of lift and increase drag run due to airflow disturbances. In addition, the presence of slush, freezing snow or ice may cause jamming of mechanisms of the aircraft, such as flap systems, and could result in a hazardous situation.
To ensure safety, all snow and ice deposits on the aircraft must be removed. Deposits from the horizontal and vertical surfaces of the aircraft are removed by a special de-icing liquid.
Prior to aircraft de-icing, a qualified airline or service provider staff checks aircraft for any kind of contaminations on it. After identification, they follow the “Clean Aircraft Concept”. Please watch the video for more details

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