Flights delayed due to weather conditions in the capital

Due to unfavourable weather conditions due to heavy snowfall, the capital's airport was temporarily closed at 02:30 a.m. to clear snow from the runway. Due to the bad weather, 12 flights were delayed for take-off and 9 for arrivals (they left for the alternate airfield).
The runway at Nur-Sultan Airport was opened for flights at 9:00 a.m.
Passengers are kindly requested to contact the Airline Information Service.

Delayed flights on departure:
KC956, Almaty
FZ 1706, Dubai
KC 921 Frankfurt
KC 407 Shymkent
DV 741 Aktau
KC 207 Dubai
KS 981 Atyrau
KS 622 Almaty
KS 7315 Kyzylorda
SU 1957 Moscow
KS 123 Tashkent
KS 977 Aktobe.

Delayed flights on arrival:
IQ 386 Karagandy
DV 722 Aktobe
KS 984 Atyrau
KS 7328 Shymkent
KS 314 Aktau
KS 138 St. Petersburg
FZ 1705 Dubai
SU 1956 Moscow
KS 918 Almaty

* PS (3 digits) - Air Astana
KS (4 digits) - FlyArystan
IQ - Qazaq air
FZ - Fly Dubai
SU - Aeroflot


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