Kazakhstan has implemented the Global Reporting Format for runway surface conditions

Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan JSC successfully completed the work on implementation in the civil aviation of the Republic of Kazakhstan the ICAO standards for the application of the Global Reporting Format for runway surface conditions.

As a result, since November 4, 2021 the operators of certified aerodromes of the Republic of Kazakhstan began evaluating and transmitting runway surface condition reports according to the new ICAO methodology. With the implementation of GRF, the Republic of Kazakhstan was the first to publish SNOWTAM snow alerts to flight crews. The first airports to publish SNOWTAM were Kostanay, Pavlodar and Almaty.

One of ICAO's global safety objectives is to ensure the safety of runway operations. In particular, to reduce the number of aircraft runway excursions, since the proportion of aircraft accidents attributable to cases of aircraft runway excursions is approximately 15%, with this category of accidents accounting for 50% of all fatal aircraft accidents. 80% of runway excursions are due to the contaminations of runway.

The GRF methodology aims to improve flight safety by preventing aircraft excursions by ensuring a uniform approach to runway condition assessment and reporting of runway surface conditions worldwide. By comparing runway condition reports with aircraft performance data provided by the aircraft manufacturer, the flight crew can calculate take-off and landing performances for a safe landing.

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