Kazakhstanis will be able to fly to 16 countries

Starting from September 21, an increase, resumption and opening of regular international flights to 16 countries with the frequency of 114 flights a week on each side is permitted. This decision was made by the Interdepartmental Commission on prevention of the origin and spread of the coronavirus infection in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
Increase of flights was realized with Russian Federation by 54 flights, with Turkey by 7 flights, with UAE by 9 flights, with Uzbekistan by 5 flights, with Germany by 5 flights, with Maldives by 3 flights, with Korea by 6 flights, with Poland by 2 flights, with Hungary by 1 flight and with Saudi Arabia by 1 flight.
The regular flights were resumed with Czech Republic with 2 flights per week, with China with 8 flights per week, with Azerbaijan with 3 flights per week.
The regular flights will be operated with Italy with 2 flights a week, with Sri Lanka with 3 flights a week, with Kuwait with 3 flights a week.
The airlines are currently forming flight schedules.
The flights will be coordinated with the respective authorities of the above mentioned countries.
We would like to note that the flights will be operated in strict compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological requirements and in accordance with the published schedules on the websites of the airlines.


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