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Kazakhstan suspends certificates of three carriers and prepares amendments to law on airspace use

Three airlines suspended in Kazakhstan

Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan works on enhancement of aviation regulations

Kazakhstan joins an Arrangement for health risks management in civil aviation

Kazakhstan aiming to reduce CO2 emissions in country’s civil aviation

Kazakhstan joins arrangement for public health events prevention in civil aviation

Kazakhstan’s aviation administration warns against sale of intl flight tickets

Kazakhstan Aviation administration on flights to high-risk countries

Digital Regulator system to be adapted to Kazakh aviation industry's needs

BusinessOptix to support dev't of digital aviation regulation system in Kazakhstan

BusinessOptix’s ‘Digital Regulator’ system to be adapted to Kazakh aviation industry's needs

Civil Aviation Authority of Kazakhstan partners with BusinessOptix to deliver digital regulatory framework

Administration justifies Bek Air grounding with damning catalogue of flaws

Operations certificate of Kazakhstan's Bek Air recalled following plane crash

Kazakhstan's Aviation Administration to issue report on Bek Air inspection results

Head of civil aviation administration of Kazakhstan Peter Griffiths: deicing holdover can be less than 4 mins

Kazakhstan's Aviation Administration makes statement on Bek Air's appeal

Kazakh president warns of retribution after fatal Bek Air accident

Peter Griffiths: Kazakhstan is the future top global aviation hub

Bermuda and Kazakhstan sign ICAO 83bis Agreement

Over 7M passengers transported by air in Kazakhstan

Aviation Administration to modernise Kazakhstan’s aviation standards

UKCAAi, Kazakhstan aviation administration launch joint project

Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan and UK CAAi entered a contract on the technical support