Air personnel

Air personnel

Dear Operators and Aviation Personnel!

The procedure of issuing licenses to aviation personnel is constantly being improved on identified problems and shortcomings, recruitment of qualified specialists is continuing to improve aviation personnel licensing (PEL) work efficiency from the day of delegation of the authority from CAC MIID RK’s to the AAK.

Currently, the Department of PEL (hereinafter referred as the Department) is guided by the regulations, standards, and rules issued by the CAC MIID RK’s in accordance with which the requirements remain unchanged.

According to the Order No. 518 dated April 28, 2015 “On Approval of Standards of Public Services in the Field of Aviation Training Centres and Aviation Personnel”, the term for the provision of public services from the date of delivery of the package of documents to the State Corporation of the Public Service Center (hereinafter referred as the PSC) is 15 (fifteen) working days.

We understand that the lack of aviation personnel in one or another company causes difficulties in filing planning and flight planning.

Due to its capabilities, the Department processes the received documents as quickly as possible, strictly in order, considering the expertise through which the documents must pass. If the expert opinion is received ahead of schedule, the Department transfers the documents to the PSC without delay.

It should be considered that sending applications from regional PSCs to the AAK Department in the city of Nur-Sultan and receiving data of processed applications from the PSC, time is spent on delivering documentation by mail. This time is included in the 15 working days allocated for processing the application.

Most rapidly (within 24 hours of working time), the AAK Department receives documents from the Department No. 1 of the PSC of the Yessil district of Nur-Sultan.

We remind you that according to the paragraph 1-6 of Chapter 2 of the Rules for issuing and extending the validity of certificates of aviation personnel, approved by the order of the Minister of transport and communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 26, 2013 No. 750, the validity of the certificate of aviation personnel is not interrupted if the documents for extension are submitted at least 22 (twenty-two) working days before the expiration date of its validity. In this case, the authorized organization shall extend the license of aviation personnel from the date of its expiration. If the conditions of this paragraph are not met, the validity of the certificate of aviation personnel shall be determined by the new date of renewal of the license of aviation personnel. In this regard, you can submit documents in advance and have more options for planning.

Moreover, there is no need to provide the original license of aviation personnel when extending the qualification mark in Section XII, making / changing special marks in Section XIII, since the insert for the applicant’s license is issued.

It is very important to note that when submitting documents to the PSC for issuing licenses to aviation personnel, renewing and making notes in the certificates, attach one application per applicant in order to avoid violation of the rights of aviation personnel.

In conditions when several applicants are attached to the PSC to one application, if the AAK detects incomplete documents from one of them, it is not possible to send him a refusal response and return the documents within one working day, because according to the established procedure, an application to the PSC will need to be closed for all applicants attached to single application document.

For the same reason, the AAK cannot send ready-made licenses of aviation personnel to applicants until the last document on the same application, which required a longer verification (within the deadlines), has been considered. In this regard, we ask you to follow the system of one applicant - one application.

The rules for issuing and extending the validity of aviation personnel licenses can be found on our website in the Order of the Minister of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated September 26, 2013 No. 750, registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan on October 5, 2013 No. 8782. from 07/23/2019 (entered into force on 08/01/2019).

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