Flight operation

Flight operation

The aim of the Department of Flight Operations is to promote the sustainable development of the civil aviation industry of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to increase the level of flight safety

Main goals:

  • Participation in the creation of a safety monitoring and oversight system through the implementation of international best practices in the field of aviation safety.

  • Participation in ensuring the effective implementation and implementation of standards according to the model of the British Civil Aviation Agency and the EU Aviation Safety Agency

Department of Flight Operations carries out certification, control and supervision of the activities of aircraft operators


  • Examination and certification examination of subjects of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of civil aviation.

  • Organization of the issuance, extension, amendment, suspension and revocation of the operator’s certificate (s) at the request of the operator and / or based on the results of inspections.

  • Verification of compliance and approval of the management team of aircraft operators.

Control and supervision

  • verification of compliance by individuals and legal entities with aircraft safety requirements;

  • other forms of control and supervision, including observation and analysis of the activities of individuals and legal entities to ensure flight safety.