Medical support

Medical support

The main tasks Of the Department of medical safety of flights of "Aviation administration of Kazakhstan" JSC is the control and supervision of medical safety in civil aviation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which are carried out in the form of:

  1. inspections of aviation medical centers, aviation medical experts, medical centers of civil aviation organizations (airports), medical support of operators (airlines) and aviation training centers;
  2. inspections of compliance by individuals and legal entities with the requirements of medical safety of aircraft;
  3. other forms of control and supervision, including monitoring and analysis of the activities of individuals and legal entities for medical safety.

During inspections and other forms of control and supervision, the Department carries out technical control and supervision over compliance with the requirements established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the use of the airspace of the Republic of Kazakhstan and aviation activities.

Main functions of the Department:

  • Certification of aviation medical centers (AMC);
  • AMC inspection;
  • Appointment of aviation medical (AME) experts;
  • Inspection of AME;
  • Personal Affairs of AME;
  • Inspection of operators on the organization rendering of medical care to air passengers;
  • Inspection of airports for the organization provision of medical care to air passengers;
  • Inspection of aviation training centers for the organization of medical training of aviation personnel;
  • Verification (evaluation) of AME reports;
  • Formation and maintenance of archives of medical files of aviation personnel;
  • Approval and approval of training programs training AME, medical personnel of civil aviation organizations;
  • Work with the Expert Council