Peter Griffiths: the peculiarity and complexity of the construction of Turkestan airport is that it was completed in a short period of time

Established last year, the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan is an authorized body that technically monitors and controls the safety and implements the best World practices. We have interviewed AAK CEO, Peter Griffiths.
Peter Griffiths was chairing the civil aviation at UK Department for Transport and led the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority. He was also a pilot-the crew commander of the Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 aircraft. He held senior positions in the European Commission.
Turkestan airport was put into operation this week. This was the first experience for Kazakhstan not only in terms of the construction of an airport, but also in terms of its certification. In general, we all know the importance of the revival of Turkestan, which has become a regional center.
We asked Mr. Peter Griffiths first about the airport in Turkestan, and then about the results of the analysis of the Bek Air plane crash that occurred almost a year ago. 


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