Pilots and Rescue Squad had a fire extinguishing and rescue tactical training as part of emergency response

Today, in the vicinity of Nur-Sultan, fire extinguishing and rescue tactical training was performed to work out joint operations of the flight crew on duty of MI-8 AMT helicopter operated by Kazaviaspas” JSC under CES of Ministry of Interior and rescue squad of Emergency Response Department.
The training was performed to improve the performance of flight personnel, together with the governing bodies, forces and teams of rescue units to respond to emergency situations.
As noted by Peter Griffiths, General Director of the Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan: ‘Aviation Administration, as the industry regulator, checks and evaluates the operation readiness of Kazaviaspas to respond to emergencies. As part of this, equipment, flight personnel, preparation and testing processes are evaluated in response to emergencies.’

During the training, firefighting exercises were performed to extinguish the fire by a helicopter with a bambi bucket with a capacity of 3 thousand liters of water, search and rescue operations were also performed using helicopter equipment, a rescue squad was landed to provide emergency assistance, and a helicopter transported a seriously injured casualty to the nearest medical institution.
It should be noted that such training of flight crews of rescue aviation takes place on a regular basis. At the same time, the flight crew and rescue squad constantly improve their skills, polish their technique in landing from a helicopter without a parachute, learn the principles of operation of hoisting devices, confirming their qualifications. The flight crew and rescue squad have repeatedly used their skills during search and rescue operations in the flood zone, when searching for victims in mountainous areas.

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