Representatives of the civil aviation industry considered issues of increasing the level of aviation security

A webinar on ensuring an appropriate level of aviation security at airports was held at Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan JSC.
The meeting was attended by the heads of 18 airports, representatives of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan “Atameken” and the Civil Aviation Association. The meeting discussed measures to finance aviation security measures and issues of improving the aviation security management system at airports. Proposals were considered to change the mechanism for calculating tariffs for the aviation security service, which consists in dividing the tariff for tonnage and passenger, as well as on amending the regulatory legal acts regulating the formation of tariffs.
Most airports are of the opinion that the proposed measures will contribute to an increase in funding for aviation security. Based on the results of the webinar, the national aviation industry regulator identified priorities and tasks for further work in order to develop aviation security in the country.

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