Adopted Some Aviation Security Regulations


In order to raise awareness of aviation security among the population and reinforcing the aviation security culture, ICAO Council has decided to declare 2021 the Year of Aviation Security Culture. Giving such an important status also contributed to 2021 to be the year of 20 years after 9/11, 2001 in the United States.

Therefore, it is extremely important to always remember and understand the seriousness of the threat to civil aviation and continuously promote best practices for ensuring aviation security through the development and adoption of new regulations.

The publication of relevant aviation security regulations and their practical use by civil aviation entities is one of the main requirements of ICAO for the implementation of strategies, plans and campaigns promoting information about security culture.

Therefore, based on the plan of measures for implementation of regulatory acts of Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan jointly with the Civil Aviation Committee of Kazakhstan introduced significant changes and additions to the National Aviation Security Training Program and in the Standard Aviation Security Inspection Program (checklists). These regulations were comprehensively reviewed and approved at the regular meeting of the Industry Council chaired by the Minister of Industry and Infrastructure Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the participation of industry experts, which was held on November 2020. The amendments include training of aviation personnel in cyber security, additional trainings for management of aviation security service for the protection of civil aviation from acts of unlawful interference, providing the opportunity to conduct exams remotely, dividing test sheets by types and categories of activities of the civil aviation organization, etc. Currently, the updated Aviation Security Training Program and Standard Aviation Security Inspection Program (check lists) are available on the website of Aviation Administration of Kazakhstan in section Aviation Security and in the legal database Adilet.

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