Airfields ground handling

Airfields ground handling

Main functions of the Department of aerodromes and ground services

  • certification of aerodromes (heliports);
  • conducting inspections;
  • supervision and control of flight safety in the field of airfields and ground handling:

      aerodrome support of flights;

      electric lighting support of flights;

      ornithological support of flights;

      emergency and search and rescue support of flights;

      limitation and consideration of obstacles;

    provision of civil aircraft, facilities and services of the airport with fuel and lubricants and special liquids;

     providing civil aircraft operators and other consumers with special vehicles and equipment;

      activities that may pose a safety risk;

      ground handling at the airport.

  • the coordination of the management of airfields, including alterations and additions;
  • coordination of temporary deviations from the norms of airworthiness of airfields (heliports).